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Restaurants & Bars overview

The Jin Jiang Hotel complex abounds in dining opportunities for our guests C all without leaving the hotel's grounds.

The "Fortune Palace" (Cathay Building) is a combination of a Multi-functional Banquet Hall and private banquet rooms C each decorated in international themes. Featuring carved teak panelling, museum-quality vintage European ceiling lamps and exquisite teak floors, the Fortune Palace's ambience provides a journey for diners to a finer era of unstinting quality and opulence.

The Cathay Brasserie (in the lobby of the Cathay Garden) has a "show kitchen" C watch our expert chefs creating novel, fresh meals all day, treat yourself to a relaxing English afternoon tea or dine from the theme buffet while enjoying the beautiful garden view accompanied by soft music.

The lobby lounge in the Cathay Garden building is unique not just for its fashionable and luxurious layout, but more for a very special space - the lobby library.

Sitting alone in the comfortable sofa, sipping some fine wine, tea or coffee, you are surrounded C on one side by a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf packed with hardbound Chinese and foreign books and on the other by a wall full of pictures of the presidents and heads of state who have stayed at the Jin Jiang Hotel.

The first floor "Dream Cafe" (Cathay Building) is a relaxed glass-roofed space - ideal for a quiet coffee and/or snack.
The Old Shanghai Moon Restaurant on the 11th floor (Cathay Building) is decorated in luxurious 1930s Shanghai style and is open 24 hours a day, serving Shanghai delicacies.

Other restaurants in the complex include:

Song Ban - Japanese barbecue*

Bi Feng Tang - Cantonese cuisine*

In Restaurant - Western cuisine*

Chinoise Story - New Chinese cuisine*

Xin Wang - Cantonese food*

Wei Zang - Japanese food*

Tian Jiu Yu Chi - Chinese seafood*

Tandoor - Indian food*

* Denotes independent restaurant

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