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Jin Jiang Grand Hall

Where history is made

After being renovated in 2006, Jin Jjiang Grand Hall took on a dignified new appearance. The recent refurbishment has only added to its splendour as one of Shanghai's most distinguished meeting places.

A witness to history, the Jin Jiang Grand Hall has received more than 500 heads of state and government from countries all over the world since its opening. The Grand Hall was once the place where Chairman Mao Zedong and his collegues held meetings and it was also the site of the signing of the 1972 Sino-America joint communiqu by Chairman Mao and U.S. President Nixon. It has witnessed numerous great meetings, and is the pride of the Jin Jiang Hotel.

Its main body, the multi-functional ground floor banquet hall, features such advanced technology as an elevatable stage, simultaneous interpretation system, and video system. It can hold more than 300 people at the same time. There are also other conference halls of varying sizes and a press conference room (which can also be used as the guest waiting room). No matter whether it's an international conference, luxurious banquet, top-grade commercial function, or a large-scale wedding banquet, the Jin Jiang Grand Hall function staff will provide impeccable service. The second floor consists of three small-scale conference halls, which can also hold small-scale banquets.

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