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Famous People & Famous Dish
Braised Dried Scallops with Sliced Bean-curd the Uniqueness of Jin Jiang Hotel

Braised Dried Scallops with sliced bean-curd, a famous dish of Jin Jiang Hotel, is best able to embody fine slicing techniques of the chef and the aroma and texture of food. Dried Scallops, raw material of the dish, is a famous and precious kind of seafood full of nutrition.

Hong Fengxiang, famous chef of Jin Jiang hotel, is good at cooking dishes made of scallops, to name a few, Scallop balls, Steamed scallop with garlic and so on. To cook the dish, he innovated the original recipe that used sliced bean-curd instead of sliced chicken and garlic and finally comes to the well-known dish Braised Dried Scallops with sliced bean-curd. This dish is a unique art-work famous for chefs fine slicing techniques that shred bean-curd as slim as hairs, popular for its pure white color, tender and smooth taste.

 When Mr. Li guangyao, senior Minister of Singapore, visited Jin Jiang Hotel on September 13, 1985, this unique dish was also listed in the banquet menu and highly praised by Mr. Li guangyao.


Jin Jiang History
The First Advertisement of Jin Jiang Hotel

On April 2 1951, thanks to hard work of Ms. Dong zhujun, Mr. Ren Baizun and their colleagues, Cathay Apartment which is located at No. 189 Chang Le Road and now known as Cathay Building was renamed as Jin Jiang hotel. Thanks to the actively preparation of approximately 200 people from several units including Jin Jiang Si Chuan Cuisine Restaurant, Jin Jiang Tea House and Shanghai Restaurant, Jin Jiang hotel was grandly open on June 9 1951. Before opening, the hotel made daily advertisement on major newspapers, trying to get a big name immediately in Shanghai. Up till now, we can still find the first advertisement on Jian Fang Daily (June 6 1951) and another one on News Daily at the opening day in hotel achieves.

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